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Hello Again-A Tribute to Neil Diamond

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Brooklyn started playing guitar at the age of 14, and formed his first band ‘Ransom’ at school with two like minded friends. The band became successful locally, performing at clubs and bars in and around the London area. At the tender age of just 18 years, Brooklyn became a full time professional musician.

The band unfortunately split after a few years and from there Brooklyn hit the London function circuit. Notoriously difficult to make a name on, with so many West End show musicians and vocalists. Brooklyn soon began making a stir, with his exceptional vocal and guitar skills, coupled with a smooth, confident on stage persona, a perfect blend for Highbrow, city types.

Cut to 2016 and after a Nationwide search for a Principal who could not only match the incredible voice of Mr. Neil Diamond but carry the onstage confidence of an International superstar, Darren Bazzoni and Juanita Diaz (Show Producers) hit a brick wall. With a script written, band rehearsed and Production sought their search exhausted. Little did they know that the man that they were looking for was in fact living in the next village, they had found their man, the recipe was perfect.

Not content with dates just in the UK, Brooklyn was invited to perform throughout Europe and the U.S. in sell shows across the globe.

In a parallel career, Brooklyn also writes original material, becoming a ‘Warner-Chappel’ artist in 2010, alongside music giants such as Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kendrick Lamar, Kacey Musgraves & Lukas Graham.

As a musician, Brooklyn has been blessed to work with many household names, including The Real Thing, Hot Chocolate, Freddie Jackson & David Essex.

Brooklyn also boasts his own professional, commercial recording studio, Human Touch, where he uses his enormous experience and musicality to produce new and emerging artists.

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